1w2 Enneagram 1 Wing 2 Explained

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The Enneagram is complex. It is a self-reflective tool that will shine a light on who you are (the good and the bad) and help you navigate life. It is something that once you understand it, you’ll see the traits of an Enneagram 1w2 and say, ‘Oh, that’s actually me!’

If you are an Enneagram type 1 and suspect you might have a wing of 2, this article will guide you in understanding your behavior and how the wing type has an influence.

Enneagram 1w2 Description

Type ones have the drive to create a positive impact around the world, whereas type twos are caring and empathetic and have the drive to be needed and loved. Since 1w2 Enneagram is under the influence of the second wing, the aspects of the second wing can help strengthen as well as oppose those of the core wing.

While ones are not good at adapting to others’ will, when they are adjacent to type two, they can become more caring and warmer. They are able to become more accepting and tolerant of others.

They crave equality and justice. They are collected people with strong principles who are not driven by emotions. The influence of two-wing helps make them more friendly and interpersonal.

Enneagram 1w2 vs 2w1: The Coach vs Selfish Sweetheart

The core motivations of The Coach and the Selfish Sweetheart differ. While both want to help, 1w2s can be rigid about their views and demand perfection. On the other hand, 2w1s do not long to be right like 1w2s. They are more malleable to changing circumstances and only desire to help.

Enneagram type 2w1
Don’t mistake these two types, although they are very similar.

1w2 is also less likely to display people-pleasing behavior compared to 2w1. While the former belongs to the anger triad, the latter belongs to the shame triad.

Despite their difference, 1w2 and 2w1 have some common ground. When it comes to similarities, both have a strong emphasis on morals and ethics. They lean towards promoting justice and have an excellent work ethic.

Enneagram 1w2 vs 1w9: The Coach vs Zen Master

When comparing The Coach to the Zen Master, one aspect stands more than the others—the energy. 1w2 is more bubbly and extroverted, whereas 1w9 is withdrawn and reserved.

1w9 is more peaceful and soft spoken than 1w2. Such an individual will shy away from conflicts. On the other hand, 1w2s are more assertive and like to be proactive in making changes in people’s lives. This may be problematic.

The two personalities also share some common traits, like their motivation to be truly good and their need to stand up for people and what is right. They are perfectionists with high morals. They are excellent planners with a responsible approach to money.

This video from Dr. Tom LaHue sums up this difference quite well:

Enneagram 1w2 Relationships

People with the one wing two personalities champion any cause they hold strong beliefs about. The same applies to their relationships. They are more connected to their emotions than type ones. They will forge strong connections with their partner.

Their selflessness will allow them to put in extra effort to keep the relationship going.

Enneagram 1w2 Careers

Certain careers are more appealing to Enneagram type 1 wing 2 than others. Similarly, certain careers may clash with their personality and are usually not a good fit for them.

Since Enneagram 1w2 has a tendency to get involved in public causes and displays altruism, these are some of the possible career paths for the personality type.

  • Social Advocate or worker
  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Politician
  • Real estate agent
  • Judge
  • Lawyer

The following are careers that the one wing two personalities are not likely to be drawn towards:

  • Business development and sales
  • Banking
  • Accountancy

1w2 Enneagram Characters

Some well-known personalities display 1w2 Enneagram traits. These include:

  • Nelson Mandela (anti-apartheid revolutionary)
  • Elizabeth Warren (a US senator)
  • Morgan Freeman (you may have already suspected that, right?)
  • Emma Watson (you cannot deny that she handles her activism just as well as her acting)
  • Matt Damon (this might have been hard to figure out)
  • Vladimir Lenin (a Russian revolutionary)

Enneagram 1 w 2 is an advocate for justice. When this trait comes under the influence of two wing, it creates a personality that upholds morals with a touch of empathy. It not only helps center a caring focus on others, but also on self-care.

One wing twos are more in touch with their emotions than type ones. Learning the attributes of Enneagram 1w2 will help you understand better why you or some of your friends make certain choices and how you can use them to grow in life. Hopefully, this article was illuminating enough!

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