Enneagram 9 Wing 8: What You Should Know

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The Enneagram personality-typing system classifies people into nine primary personality types. Each personality (like the 9 wing 8) has, at its core, a belief that defines how the personality type manages emotions and interprets its surroundings.

The core belief also dictates the personality type’s strengths, weaknesses, fears, and desires.

Of the many types is the enneagram 9 wing 8, or personality type 9 with an eight wing. If you’re wondering how this personality type works and what drives it, read on!

The “9w8 Enneagram” Type

Also referred to as Enneagram 9 wing 8, 9W8 Enneagram, and Enneagram 9 W 8, this group is also known as the “Referee” group.

Enneagram 9W8 Description

Like all type 9 personalities, 9W8s are sociable, social, and peaceable, with a love for peace and resolving conflict. As skilled diplomats and negotiators, they’re quite good at conflict resolution.

Apart from this Enneagram type 9 wing 8 personalities are assertive and confident in their decision-making skills, with decisions mostly made from trusting their gut instincts. From their type 9 primary group, they get a calm facade.

However, this also makes them compromise on their planning as they have faith that all their decisions will ultimately bear fruit, especially in their workspace.

From the type 8 primary group (which has a greater influence on this personality type), they inherit stubbornness and aggression, so while they like conflict resolution and peace, they can be quite confrontational, even if this is sometimes subconscious and despite the knowledge that such confrontations may be bad for them.

This makes them somewhat of a contradictory, complex personality type, with ideals often clashing. They can also be quite impatient.

Ultimately, a 9W8 is bold, confident, motivating, and encouraging, especially if they perceive that someone else might not be receiving enough acknowledgment and validation for their work.

They are also more active in seeking out and attaining harmony and peace, which makes them more intent on resolving conflicts than type 9 personalities.

Some famous 9W8 Enneagram characters include Billie Eilish, Kylie Jenner, Keanu Reeves, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, and Lionel Messi.

Enneagram 9W8 Relationships

9W8s show themselves to be reliable, stable partners in relationships, especially romantic ones. They don’t seek to overly control their partner or manipulate/play games with them.

9W8s don’t show interest in pursuing relationships with different people. However, once they do meet someone they’d like a relationship with, they commit for the long term, often for life. Such commitment comes easily to this personality type.

Enneagram 9 wing 8 Careers

Some of the professions that 9W8 types perform well (though this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Social work
  • Veterinary sciences
  • Publicity writing
  • Counseling
  • Diplomacy
  • Sales
  • Editing
  • Judicial work (especially as judges)
  • Religious work

However, many 9W8s also do well in other chosen careers.

Enneagram 9W8 vs 8W9

Enneagram 8w9
Enneagram 8w9

The 8W9 and 9W8 personality types share a lot of similarities, but a few key differences set them apart.

Nicknamed “the bear”, 8W9 personality types are more introverted than their type 9 cousins. Both types share a love for keeping the peace, but if it comes to it, they are ready to face confrontational situations. Like all type 8 personalities, 8W9s are confident and bold, despite their introverted nature.

Again, though they are introverts, they set strong boundaries and can unwaveringly stand their ground when necessary.

9W8 personalities are more extroverted, easygoing, and like 8W9s, will strongly protect their boundaries. Sometimes, this can make them come across as intimidating and tough.


To summarize, the similarities between these two groups:

  • A laid-back nature
  • A love for diplomacy
  • Quite explosive
  • Extremely accommodating
  • Introverted personalities
  • Protective of their boundaries and territories (including family, friends, and partners)


The differences between the two groups:

  • The primary difference lies in the core belief—8W9s let a desire for control over their resources and lives rule them, whereas 9W8s are ruled by a motivation to keep the peace
  • 8W9s tend to react to any sticky situation with confrontation, unlike 9W8s
  • 8W9s, like all type 8 personalities, love money and are motivated by it, whereas 9W8s merely view it as a resource to meet their needs
  • 9W8s are the more emotional personality type and can be quite sensitive to criticism, unlike 8W9s
  • 9W8s, despite being hard workers, may get complacent; 8W9s are more hardworking and determined, spending their attention and focus on a few, carefully selected projects at any given time
  • 8W9s have a higher work ethic than 9W8s

Enneagram 9W8 vs 9W1

9W1 personality types are moral, calm, easygoing, and always aim to develop and maintain good relations with most folks. However, the nature and intensity of this relationship don’t matter when it comes to doing the morally right thing. They can also set very high standards for themselves, even if these may sometimes be idealistic.

As we’ve seen, 9W8s are also easy-going and get along well with people, with strong boundaries that they will firmly assert, even if this makes them seem intimidating.


The similarities between the two types:

  • They are both easygoing
  • They are both quick to anger and anger is the first reaction in confrontational situations
  • Both types are indecisive, especially when it comes to making quick decisions
  • Both types are excellent negotiators and mediators


The primary differences between the two groups:

  • 9W8s are more morally flexible than 9W1s, who try to be morally perfect
  • 9W8s are mostly active seekers, despite some complacency, while 9W1s are less active and more complacent
  • 9W8s are driven by a desire to control their lives, while 9W1s are driven by a desire to achieve perfection in all that they do
  • 9W1s are usually seen as nice people, while 9W8s are perceived to be intimidating and tough

The Bottom Line

Remember that as it is with any system, there needn’t be 100% compliance with all that the system states about a personality type. Each personality type is categorized based on the majority adherence to the characteristics and traits stated under each personality type.

That apart, the Enneagram system is a great way to get some clarity on your personality as well as others around you, and improve your self-esteem.

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