Petyr Baelish Enneagram & MBTI Personality Type

Petyr Baelish Enneagram & MBTI Personality Type

Petyr Baelish, also known as Littlefinger, is a master manipulator and cunning strategist in the fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. He is known for his charming demeanor and ability to manipulate others to further his own interests, constantly playing different sides against each other in his quest for power. However, his true motivations remain hidden behind a mask of charm and deceit.

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Petyr Baelish Enneagram Type

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After deep diving into the enneagram, it makes sense that Petyr Baelish is an enneagram type 3w4. Like other type 3s, Petyr is highly ambitious and driven, constantly seeking power and recognition.

He strategically manipulates those around him, resembling the Machiavellian tendencies often associated with type 3s. However, his 4 wing adds a layer of complexity.

Petyr craves uniqueness and is deeply aware of his own emotions, using this to his advantage. This combination makes him a master of deception, able to adapt to any situation and present himself in the most favorable light.

Just as a chameleon changes its colors, Petyr alters his personality to fit different social circles, embodying the cunning yet emotionally aware characteristics of a 3w4

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Petyr Baelish Myers Briggs Personality Type

Once again delving into the MBTI research, the conclusion drawn is that Petyr Baelish is an INTJ. Comparing him to other types, Petyr’s clear preference for introversion is evident in his calculated and reserved demeanor, as he strategizes behind the scenes.

His intuition is demonstrated by his ability to anticipate and exploit opportunities, as well as his long-term planning for future gains. Petyr’s thinking function is showcased through his logical and strategic decision-making, always weighing the potential costs and benefits.

Additionally, his judging preference is seen in his organized and methodical approach to attaining power. While some argue he may possess traits of an ENTJ, Petyr’s introspective nature and preference for being behind the scenes are more aligned with the introverted INTJ type

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Petyr Baelish Zodiac Sign

zodiac sign of Petyr Baelish is Gemini

As you likely know, the zodiac sign is determined by the date of birth.

Since Petyr Baelish has an unknown birthday, we’ll have to make a calculated guess based on the MBTI and Enneagram

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