Sakuta Azusagawa Enneagram & MBTI Personality Type

Sakuta Azusagawa Enneagram & MBTI Personality Type

Sakuta Azusagawa, the protagonist of Aobuta, is a high school student characterized by his sharp wit, strong sense of justice, and unwavering determination. Despite his outward aloofness and occasional teasing nature, he harbors a caring heart and frequently goes to great lengths to help those around him, even at the expense of his own well-being.

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Sakuta Azusagawa Enneagram Type

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After deep diving into the enneagram, it makes sense that Sakuta Azusagawa is an enneagram type 9w8. Sakuta Azusagawa, the protagonist of Aobuta, exhibits the characteristics of an enneagram 9w8 personality type.

His tendency to prioritize harmony and avoid conflict aligns with the core traits of type 9. Like other type 9s, Sakuta seeks peace and stability, often sacrificing his own needs for the sake of maintaining a calm atmosphere.

However, his secondary type 8 influences bring forth a more assertive and direct side to his personality. Similar to type 8 individuals, Sakuta can display a strong sense of self-confidence and assertiveness when necessary, as he boldly stands up for justice and defends those he cares about.

This unique combination of type 9’s desire for peace and type 8’s assertiveness makes Sakuta a 9w8

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Sakuta Azusagawa Myers Briggs Personality Type

Once again delving into the MBTI research, the conclusion drawn is that Sakuta Azusagawa is an ISTP. His dominant introverted thinking (Ti) function is evident in his logical and analytical approach to problem-solving, often using rationality to make decisions.

This can be seen when he confronts Mai Sakurajima about her invisibility issue, calmly dissecting the situation and proposing reasonable suggestions. Sakuta’s secondary extroverted sensing (Se) function is displayed through his keen observation skills and ability to adapt in the present moment.

He often takes action in a practical manner, such as when he helps Kaede overcome her fear of going outside. Despite his reserved nature, he occasionally shows his tertiary introverted intuition (Ni) function by seeing the underlying patterns and connections.

Overall, Sakuta’s traits align strongly with the ISTP personality type

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Sakuta Azusagawa Zodiac Sign

zodiac sign of Sakuta Azusagawa is Aries

As you likely know, the zodiac sign is determined by the date of birth.

Celebrating a birthday on April 10, we can assign Sakuta Azusagawa the zodiac sign of Aries.

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