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If you think that you are a “Know-It-All”, then you’re probably a 6w5 Enneagram AKA an Enneagram type 6 wing 5. And, knowing it all gives you the privilege to be intellectual, both in terms of your thought and behavior.

The 5 wing can influence the 6 to be introverted and spend the majority of their time alone reflecting and pondering about things.

And if you want to know everything about Enneagram 6 w 5, their personality traits, behaviors, strengths and weaknesses, then read on to know it all (sorry, that pun was there for the taking!).

Enneagram 6 w 5 Description

When you consider Type 5 and Type 6 people, both have a strong inclination towards safety. But the approaches of both these types are quite different.

Type 5s are generally self-sufficient, while type 6s like to forge partnerships with others to build their networks.

But when you consider the Enneagram 6 wing 5, the Know-It-All uses both these methods as a clever strategy to achieve the things they want because they are a blend of types 5 and 6.

Although the 6w5s belong to the same Head triad, they don’t make decisions on the basis of common sense. Instead, they find newer and more convenient methods to do so. The Know-It-All is intellectual, hardworking and independent.

They love everything to be streamlined, where things are predictable and controllable (because they can get quite cranky and overreact when plans are changed unexpectedly).

They are perfectionists and discovering any flaws in themselves or other people around them can get them downright frustrated.

The independent and self-sufficient nature of the Enneagram 6 w 5 makes them drift away from others but funnily enough, they also simply love it when they’re surrounded by good people.

6w5 Enneagram people are purposeful and creative and can improve the ambiance considerably if they feel comfortable with things.

6w5s are steadfastly loyal and value honesty and transparency above everything and will do anything to maintain their honor.

Enneagram 6w5 vs 5w6: The Know-It-All vs The Prepper

Enneagram 5w6
Enneagram 5w6

The 6w5 or the Know-It-All is always logical and loyal but skeptical. They prefer stability and safety (emotionally, physically and financially) over everything else. They hate taking risks and putting themselves in the face of danger.

The 6w5s are strong and independent personalities who live in the fear of losing their stability, which will make them seem weak and dependent on others.

And, sometimes their fears become so overpowering that they engage in not-so-healthy behaviors and project their fears onto other people.

But on the other hand, they are extremely curious and are on the quest to learn about new things and enjoy the learning process. After all, to know it all, you need to learn, right?

The 5w6 Enneagram or The Prepper loves to explore their passion and learn new things. They are analytical, but a tad bit pessimistic in their approach. They love their independence and are self-sufficient and competent.

Just like 6w5s, the 5w6s also value security and don’t like taking risks that can upset their current comfortable situation. The perfect example of The Prepper is Elizabeth Harmon from the miniseries Queen’s Gambit.

Enneagram 6w5 Vs 6w7: The Know-It-All vs Forced Fun

The 6w5 or The Know-It-All is rational and fact-oriented but tends to be more of an introvert, quiet and reserved. They value their privacy and often choose hobbies that involve just one person.

They don’t have any inhibitions about expressing their ideas freely without holding back because the 6w5 are not too bothered about what people think about them.

On the other hand, the 6w7 type people are more people oriented. The 6w7 wing is more of an extrovert and is enthusiastic about everything. They are extremely social, friendly, talkative, even boisterous and simply love having fun.

The Forced Fun people believe in having a large social circle networking, but want friends they can trust. They want stability but at the same time want their entertainment and fun too.

The key difference between The Know-It-All and the 6w7 is that while the 6w5 believes in being safe and prefers to be alone, the 6w7 cares about things being safe and then being able to go to a party and have fun.

Dr. LaHue explain more.

Enneagram 6 wing 5 Relationships

The 6w5s don’t have too many friends, just a few close ones. Undeniably introverts by nature, 6w5s largely prefer to keep to themselves.

They believe in having supportive relationships whom they can trust because the Know-It-All considers their relationships their safe space.

They take a long time to trust others and develop relationships. And, if the 6w5 Enneagram is suspicious about anyone (bless their soul), they will steer clear of them and go into isolation.

Enneagram 6w5 Careers

The 6w5 wing type is renowned for identifying with underdog causes and championing them. They are intelligent and often excel as leaders, spokespersons and influencers.

The 6w5s do well in careers such as:

  • Political leader
  • Journalist
  • Attorney
  • Professor
  • Marketing or financial analyst
  • Business Consultant

6w5 Enneagram Characters

If you have identified that you’re Enneagram 6 wing 5 and want to know the famous personalities you can relate to, here are some of them:

  • Richard Nixon
  • Malcolm X
  • The drool-worthy Mel Gibson
  • The brooding Severus Snape
  • The brave Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games
  • Eminem
  • Dwight Schrute from The Office

The Final Word

Your Enneagram type determines your behaviors, traits, core strengths and weaknesses.

And, recognizing these can help you to learn and understand how you can benefit from the influence of your wing type and fulfill your desires and live life in a more fulfilling manner.

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