6w7 Enneagram 6 Wing 7 Explained

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In general, 6w7 Enneagram people are adventurous, easygoing and extroverts.

And, if you’re keen on knowing more about Enneagram 6 w 7, their characteristics, behavior, relationships, etc., then read on.

Enneagram 6 w 7 Description

Type 6s are people who value the opinions and advice of people whom they can trust. They long for support, guidance and security and are most comfortable when they can plan, have routines to follow and can think through all types of outcomes.

Type 7s are influencers with charismatic personalities who believe in leading by inspiring others.

They often struggle with feelings of anxiety but distract themselves with excitement and fun. They are extroverts and love to experience everything that life has to offer.

A combination of the two types, the Enneagram Type 6 wing 7s belong to the Head Triad and are happy to indulge in relationships where there is reciprocity.

On the outside, 6w7s may seem to be eager to befriend people, but inwardly, they are assailed by suspicions and doubts about the motives of people.

They often spend their time wondering about who’s plotting behind their backs. And it’s no wonder that they are the “Forced Fun” lot who want to have fun, but their suspicious nature will not allow them to.

The 6w7 Enneagram is quite loyal and is not afraid to express their loyalty in different ways, but they need constant reassurance about the loyalty being reciprocated.

The “Forced Fun” personality is led by the belief that friendships should be everlasting, but if the association is cut short, then the 6w7 finds it very difficult to accept this.

But in general, 6w7s are outgoing, friendly, open, trustworthy and reliable and their approach to life is quite easy-going. They are engaging, sociable and dependable friends. Psst…they are great confidants too!

But despite seeming to have an enthusiastic attitude outwardly, 6w7s are quite the doubting Thomases on the inside, thinking quite negatively about themselves.

They tend to live in the moment and can’t plan too much for the future. 6w7 Enneagrams are also materialistic and quite possessive.

Enneagram 6w7 vs 7w6

Enneagram 7w6
Enneagram 7w6

6w7s or The “Forced Fun” types are adventurous, but when they approach unchartered waters, they can be rather cautious.

But often, their streaks of recklessness can completely mess up their attempts at being cautious. Enneagram 6 wing 7s are loyal, friendly and care immensely for those they love.

On the other hand, 7w6s or “The Secret Adventurers” are charismatic, spontaneous and popular types who know how to have fun.

They are cautious optimists who are adventurous and have big ideas. But they can be huge skeptics too and can hold back if they feel that their actions may end up as disasters.

Enneagram 6w7 Vs 6w5

6w7s or the “Forced Fun” Enneagram loves adventure and has an adventurous vibe, but their innate cautious and responsible nature holds them back from going all out and having a blast. 6w7s are very popular with others. They are charismatic and can be quite the chatterbox.

Dr. LaHue explains more on the two type 6 wings

6w5s or “The Know-It-All” is logical and cautious in everything they do. They approach all situations carefully.

Generally introverts by nature, 6w5s have an innate desire to be self-sufficient and secure at all times. Curious and analytical, The Know-It-All is quite loyal to others.

Enneagram 6w7 Relationships

6w7s are quite friendly and compassionate. They love being surrounded by people who make them feel safe and comfortable and who they can trust. This helps them to make stable relationships, which in turn, makes them feel happy.

Quite a bundle of opposites, 6w7s can be introverted but at the same time, they are also extroverted, and they like to hang out with people and friends.

They are not afraid to express their needs and desires with others and just need that there should be someone with whom they can share their feelings.

6w7 Enneagram Characters

If you think that you have the traits of 6w7s and wonder which famous personalities you share your type with, then here are a few 6w7 celebrities:

  • The very witty Ellen DeGeneres
  • The uber-talented Tom Hanks
  • The gorgeous Princess Diana
  • Meg Ryan
  • Jay Leno

Enneagram 6w7 Careers

6w7s are highly dependable and do well in environments that let them work along with others to achieve a common objective while giving them the stability they crave for.

6w7s do well as:

  • Police officers
  • Real estate agents
  • Actors
  • News anchors
  • Sales reps
  • Designers

If you’re a 6w7 Enneagram type, then learning how the personality type works can give you an in-depth insight into your traits, behaviors and other aspects.

It can also help you to improve your relationships with others and overcome various situations, especially difficult ones.

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