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There’s no doubt that enneagram books are the OG sources of knowledge and will never go out of fashion. Whatever topic you’re seeking information on, you can rest assured that there’s a book for it.

Well, the Enneagram personality system is no exception to this rule! Some of the best Enneagram resources are the scores of Enneagram books, both Christian and non-religious, that have been written by a range of accomplished authors and have been guiding Enneagram fans for years.

If you want to dive deep into the Enneagram world and know which titles you should be stocking up on for your studies, this article is for you!

Enneagram Books

An Enneagram book is the perfect resource to turn to if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the system (completely understandable, given how vast the system and intricate the system is!).

Whether you’ve just discovered what your number is or looking for sources of knowledge to further your understanding of the Enneagram, the many books on the topic will be your best friends.

These are books about the Enneagram/books on the Enneagram and involve both religious and non-religious texts.

Let’s take a look at the best in both.

Best Enneagram Books (Non-Religious)

Here are our top picks for non-religious Enneagram books.

The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge

This masterpiece by Beatrice Chestnut takes a secular deep dive into all things “Enneagram”, focusing on the potential and purpose of human life. The author traces the development of all nine personalities while helping the reader realize, own, and accept their strengths.

This comprehensive text is a great idea for learning all the nuances and intricacies of the Enneagram system. Each personality type and everything related to it is detailed in 40-page segments—Ms. Chestnut wasn’t kidding when she said “complete”!

If you’re a beginner, this book will open your eyes to the wonders of the Enneagram system; if you’re not a beginner, this book will serve as a lovely refresher on the topic!

The Wisdom of the Enneagram

Among the most popular Enneagram authors, this book comes from the prestigious stables of Russ Hudson and Don Richard Riso, both pioneers of the system.

“The Wisdom of the Enneagram” is an excellent summary of the Enneagram and is one of those rare books that makes just as much sense to a beginner as it does to an advanced reader.

To top it off, this is “the” book that introduced the revolutionary idea that the nine personality types behave differently at different levels of personal development—not just a great read but a collector’s item as well, this one!

The Path Between Us

Enneagram guru Suzanne Stabile writes this book and has one of our favorite Enneagram quotes ever—“when we are able to see ourselves as we are, and as we can be, it’s a beautiful thing.” All the feels, right there!

The book takes readers through understanding how people around them feel and process what happens to them. This understanding is essential as it can define how hard or easy a relationship, personal or professional, is. Understanding the different personalities will help gain this understanding, which is exactly what Suzanne Stabile facilitates through this book.

Detailing all nine personality types and their behavior, “The Path Between Us” gives you deeper insights about not just people around you, but yourself, too, and paves the way for healthier relationships.

This book is great for Enneagram scholars of any level.

Best Enneagram Book (Christian)

The Enneagram has been closely tied to Christianity. These ties have helped many find faith-based answers to their questions, whether it’s understanding their personality, exploring it, or finding new levels of spiritual, relational, and personal growth.

After all, all truth is God’s truth; studying the truths of the Enneagram in relation to the Bible can help believers unlock new aspects of their personalities and lead more loving and healthy lives.

Some brilliant books that achieve this purpose are listed below.

The Road Back to You

As it turns out, Suzanne Stabile is not just a secular wizard; she can weave an excellent faith-based spell, too! Written in collaboration with Ian Morgan Cron, “The Road Back to You” is a unique approach to exploring the ties that Christianity and the Enneagram share.

In this book, not only do you gain a deeper understanding of the self and a deep love for God, but you also find compassion for others. Brimming with humorous snippets, all Enneagram basics, and the nine Enneagram types, are detailed in this page turner, and by the end of it, you’re sure to have a better understanding of why people act, feel, and think the way they do.

This is a great book for beginners.

Becoming Us

Becoming Us” is from authors and renowned founders of Your Enneagram Coach Jeff and Beth McCord. This book shines the light on marriages and the interrelation between the Gospel, the Enneagram, and relationships. It seeks to explain why partners behave in certain ways.

The book has two parts that explore faith, the Enneagram, and the story of the McCords themselves. Both parts are easy reads that break down understanding yourself and your partner.

“Becoming Us” is ideal for beginners.

The Enneagram from a Christian Perspective

Andreas Ebert and Richard Rohr’s book is a beautifully written piece of text that connects the richness of Christianity’s spirituality and tradition with the psychology of the Enneagram.

Getting through the book is like taking a walk with the Enneagram and Christianity by your side, and is akin to walking with God. Richard Rohr is one of the western world’s greatest Enneagram pioneers, so you know you’re in capable hands with this book.

Self to Lose, Self to Find

Marilyn Vancil’s book explores the nine Enneagram personalities against the backdrop of human dilemmas and the Scriptures. This book lets you have healthier and more meaningful relationships.

The book draws from the Gospel of John, likening the protective seed coat to the armor we often construct around ourselves to survive. However, life can truly be lived and growth can only occur only if the armor is shed.

If you love faith-based books, you’ll love how Marilyn Vancil displays each personality as a reflection of the complexity that is God. This book is perfect for beginners!

Abbey Howe shares some of her favorite books in this video:

The Bottom Line

When in doubt about the Enneagram, these books are great resources to turn to, wherever on the faith spectrum your belief lies. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, these are excellent books to start off with/refresh your memory before you move on to exploring other options.

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