Enneagram Coaching – How to Find One & Become One

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Enneagram tests reveal various aspects of your personality and how you are likely to behave in certain situations. Understanding these tests thoroughly can result in genuine ways for people to understand themselves better and figure out a way to navigate through various actions in their lives.

This is where Enneagram coaching comes in. Professional coaches make it easier for people to know what the test results are saying, especially since they tend to get a bit detailed and confusing at times.

If you are interested in becoming an Enneagram coach or simply wish to know more about what it entails, keep reading!

What Is Enneagram Coaching?

If I had an Enneagram coach to guide me through my results, I could have saved myself the trouble of becoming frustrated with all those types and wings and charts. Luckily enough, this kind of coaching is now available and here to stay, and it’s pretty exciting that people will have better opportunities to analyze their core selves.

By establishing a core understanding of the nine main personality types of the Enneagram test, enneagram coaching takes people through their specific Enneagram types and subtypes and what that entails.

This is where the real fun begins. Undergoing this kind of coaching gives you insight into those mind-boggling questions like “Who am I?” and helps you sort through the intricacies.

Using the parameters of the test results, Enneagram coaching can map out some behaviors and actions for you. Based on these, you can improve your sense of emotional intelligence while also performing better interpersonally.

Such coaching will help improve numerous parts of your life, including your work life, professional and personal relationships and other forms of future support.

What to Expect from Your Enneagram Coach

So, you’ve decided to give it a go. You want to know more about yourself and want an Enneagram coach to help you out. Even becoming an Enneagram coach yourself still requires a prior understanding of what you will actually need to do once you become a coach.

To figure out what to truly expect from your Enneagram coach, hop aboard the train and ride through the following points.

  • A coach will help you take the Enneagram test and figure out what your type is.
  • You will be able to go through the details of your type as well as all the sub-types and categories involved in it.
  • Knowing the good and the bad that your Enneagram type reveals about you will help you have your “oh, that’s exactly it” moment.
  • Of course, the work doesn’t stop here; your coach will guide you through some of your strengths and weaknesses and help you find tools to either nurture or manage them.
  • Based on the new knowledge you become equipped with, your coach will help you figure out the best possible ways for you to navigate different situations in a way that suits your personality best.
  • You will now be able to apply what your coach says to the big real world and improve how you interact with yourself and others around you.

Finding Enneagram Coaching Online

There are tons of resources online through which you can access Enneagram coaching. If you are aspiring to become such a coach yourself, knowing where to look and how coaches usually tend to operate will help provide you with some more clarity.

How this works is that you will first need to take the assessment online, after which you can request to connect with a coach. However, this works in different ways for different coaching sites, with some requiring you to find your coach before you go ahead and take the Enneagram test.

Different coaches will also have different specialties, such as workplace interactions, marriage, family, romance, business, college, health, parenting, youth-centric support and lots more. What you want to specialize in or find support for will then help determine who your coach is.

Connecting with your coach can take on an online format too, especially if you are just starting out. This can then branch out into personal sessions in person or even group meetings for a more community-based experience.

How to Become an Enneagram Coach

If you want to become an Enneagram coach or obtain an enneagram coaching certification, there are a few things you should be aware of. With great power comes great responsibility etc. etc., so make sure you know what you should do to become a coach in the first place.

Here are the steps you will need to follow, but note that different training institutes might have different requirements.

  • Make sure you have a basic interest and understanding of the Enneagram test, its results and a brief overview of some of the types.
  • Go through their fees and costs to understand whether or not they fit your budget.
  • Scour the internet for reviews of these institutes while also going through some testimonials and success stories to ensure that you make the right choice.
  • Choose the training course, get through it and pass the tests to set up your own coaching site or center.
  • Once the course is over, you will be able to obtain an Enneagram coaching certificate through which you can practice your profession legitimately.

Abbey Howe goes into even more details on how to become an enneagram coach in this video (she is using yourenneagramcoach.com btw):

Enneagram Coach Salary

You will count as a coach under the category of counselor and advisor. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can expect to earn a median annual income of around $60,000.

Parting Thoughts

Well, that was all you need to know about Enneagram coaching. It might sound like a lot, but it’s actually quite a satisfying and simple process to get through as long as you do what is required of you.

Going through the coaching process will also help you come out qualified on the other side, allowing you to share your knowledge and expertise to truly improve the lives of others.

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