7w8 Enneagram 7 Wing 8 Explained

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As a 7w8 Enneagram, your personality type is influenced greatly by the traits of type 8. The 8 wing can influence the 7 to be more intuitive.

In general, the Enneagram type 7 wing 8 or “The Careerist” is bold, determined, enthusiastic, proactive, highly work-oriented, and competitive. If you want to know more about the Enneagram 7 w 8, then keep reading.

Enneagram 7w8 Description

Both type 7s, as well as type 8s, love being around everything beautiful and comfortable.

The focus of type 7s is to create beautiful and enjoyable experiences, while the type 8s like acquiring comforts and luxuries for both themselves, as well as people they care about.

A part of the Head Triad, the 7w8 Enneagram or “The Careerist” is generally driven by their thoughts, especially when it comes to making decisions.

The 7w8s can make friends easily but find it difficult to keep them. They are ambitious and envision novel projects but find it difficult to complete them.

But they are not scared of any crisis and because they belong to the Head Triad, they can think up solutions to problems on their feet.

Although the 7w8s are fun-loving, others view them as being quite impatient. The Careerist is more focused on their profession rather than relationships and friendships (no surprise there!).

They are big on making plans but can let them go at the drop of a hat and move on.

Enneagram 7w8 vs 8w7: The Careerist vs The Thrill Seeker

Enneagram 8w7
Enneagram 8w7

The core desire of The Careerist is to challenge themselves and have fun. These adrenalin junkies get their fix by challenging their physical or mental limits.

And, they like to challenge themselves not just to be the best but because it keeps the fun quotient high (eye roll!). The 7w8s are bold, brave, intense, and gritty with oodles of energy that must be channeled.

The 8w7 is not called the Thrill Seeker for nothing. These extroverts are spontaneous, expressive, and love having fun. You can’t find the Thrill Seeker sitting around doing nothing.

They are always looking for something new or exciting to do, be it a new business venture, skydiving, surfing or something like that. They love a good challenge and having fun.

8w7s are very social and are always ready to debate at the drop of a hat. This may make them seem as always ready to pick a fight, but the Thrill Seeker always loves a good argument any time.

Enneagram 7w8 vs 7w6: The Careerist vs Secret Adventurer

“The Careerist” is work-oriented and is more focused on seeking new experiences and opportunities. 7w8s are high on productivity, but when it comes to introspection, they are quite poor at it.

They don’t really like sitting about and things about things that don’t deliver any tangible pleasures or results. 7w8s want to be busy doing something at all times and this may cause them to spend a lot of their time moving from one activity to another.

Dr. LaHue (an enneagram professional) does a deeper dive into the nuances of the 7w8 and 7w6.

The 7w6 or “The Secret Adventurer” like to have fun, but in secret, they crave a routine and systems that keep them grounded.

They love routine and seem cautious in their approach to things. And, when it comes to adventure, ambiguity and taking risks, the Secret Adventurer can get quite anxious. But 7w6s are huge social butterflies and love networking and being a part of the community.

Enneagram 7w8 Relationships

When in a relationship, the 7w8 Enneagram type loves spending time with their partner and living in the moment. But they can have issues when it comes to keeping their commitments or sustaining things.

The 7w8 type can be extremely calm in the toughest and most stressful situations and in the case of a spat, they will try to fix things. Being a Careerist, the 7w8 is quite work-oriented and loves to work.

Their workaholic behavior can sometimes cause the partner to feel neglected and unimportant. 7w8s may have a lot on their plate, but they don’t hesitate to take up more not only because they are assailed by FOMO but they don’t want to say no to others.

And, this causes them to miss their commitments or forget their date with their partner (oops!).

Enneagram 7w8 Careers

The Careerist is energetic, level-headed, and excellent at multitasking. They do extremely well in environments where they can get the independence and freedom to use their rational minds.

You can see 7w8s in careers such as:

  • Sales managers
  • Motivational speakers
  • Television anchors
  • Travel writers
  • Paramedics
  • Firefighters

7w8 Enneagram Characters

Here are some famous personalities who have the Enneagram 7 wing 8 personality. Can you identify with any of these celebs?

  • John F. Kennedy
  • Boris Johnson (he does need a good hairstylist, that one!)
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind
  • Jack Nicolson

If you’ve identified that you’re a 7w8, then we hope that you have learned more about your personality, behaviors, relationships, strengths, and weaknesses and also find a career that can be the perfect fit for you.

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