Enneagram 8 Wing 7 (8w7): A Detailed Guide

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The Enneagram 8 w 7 or Enneagram type 8 wing 7 is the type 8 personality with the 7 wing, in the Enneagram system. 8w7s are some of the most humorous, competitive, and sociable risk-takers you’ll ever meet, with a deep-rooted love for being the prankster!

8w7 Playing a Prank on a 6w7
8w7 Playing a Prank on a 6w7

If you have an 8w7 in your life and you need help figuring them out, you’re in the right place. Here’s a quick 101 on this intriguing Enneagram personality type.

Enneagram 8w7 Description

Enneagram 8w7s have a tiny bit of influence from the type 7 personality but are more influenced by type 8. People with this personality are pragmatic, sociable, confident, independent, and ambitious lone wolfs that run their own paths!

Their basic desire is to always have control over their own lives and be able to advocate for those in need.

Their basic fear is being controlled or being made to submit to someone else. They prefer working alone and dislike authority.

8w7s are creative, practical thinkers and big, idealistic dreamers who struggle with vulnerability and emotional honesty, though they appreciate the latter in others.

Enneagram 8w7 vs 7w8: The Thrill Seeker vs the Careerist

Enneagram personality type 8 with wing 7 and Enneagram personality type 7 with wing 8—here are the similarities and differences!

Enneagram 7w8
Enneagram 7w8


The similarities between both types:

  • Both 7w8s and 8w7s are extremely ambitious (it isn’t for nothing that 7w8 is “the careerist”!). Both wings have great ideas that fuel their ambition.
  • Both wings love the big picture, which makes them great planners.
  • Both wings are energetic and lively, which lets them achieve tons of things, especially things they are passionate about.
  • 7w8s and 8w7s are extremely creative and innovative, even if the creativity is applied in different areas.


The differences between the two wings:

  • 7w8s are among the worst money managers! Give them $5 and they’ll struggle with managing it, unlike 8w7s, who are skilled at finances.
  • 7w8s have a more self-centered approach to life, unlike 8w7s who are extremely protective of their near and dear.
  • 7w8s lean more towards complacency, while 8w7s lean more towards discipline.
  • 8w7s yearn for control, while 7w8s are driven by a need for satisfaction and happiness.

Enneagram 8w7 vs 8w9: The Thrill Seeker vs the Peace Seeker

If you don’t know the Enneagram system well, it’s easy to get confused between the 8w7 and the 8w9. So, here’s a breakdown of the similarities and differences.


8w7s and 8w9s share the following similarities:

  • They both love power and control, even if the latter extends to different aspects in each case—8w7s want control over their lives and want to ensure that no one else controls them, while 8w9s want to control their surroundings to avoid conflict schedules.
  • “Anger” is the middle name for both these wings as both sit in the anger triad. Their first reaction to a confrontation will be anger, but both wings express them differently—8w7s are more expressive, but 8w9s are the silent killers as they tend to get angrier, even if they don’t show it!
  • Both wings display excellent work ethics, with full dedication and commitment to their tasks.
  • Tell an 8w9 or an 8w7 that they won’t be capable of doing something, and you’ll learn the true meaning of willpower! Both wings have tremendous willpower, which lets 8w7s achieve their goals and 8w9s set and stick to boundaries that prevent people from running over them.


Some of the differences between the two wings:

  • While both wings tend to get angry before anything else, 8w7s display swift, hot anger, while 8w9s display anger tinged with resentment.
  • 8w7s seek power to guarantee their freedom, while 8w9s seek power to keep the peace
  • 8w7s love activity and are activity oriented, unlike 8w9s
  • 8w7s will be ruthlessly ambitious, unlike 8w9s who will only be ambitious if they don’t have to face conflict while doing so.

Enneagram 8w7 Relationships

Romantic Relationships

Though 8w7s enjoy being left to their own devices and thoughts, they borrow their “in a relationship” behavior from their type 8 parents. 8w7s are highly passionate and loyal—Ross and Rachel have nothing on these lobsters!

When they commit, Enneagram 8w7s commit for the long run and will do anything to protect, care for, and please their partners—provided that their partner has earned their trust. Earning this trust is no easy task—since most 8s are raised amid conflict, they learn early on not to easily trust.

Like the bigger type 8 group, 8w7s value honesty, independence, and a partner who can stand their ground during conflict.

However, before you get swayed by these characteristics, be warned—8w7s are among the worst when it comes to emotional vulnerability, conflict resolution, and letting someone else take over the reins!

Professional Relationships

Enneagram 8w7s work well in dynamic environments where their opinions and advice are respected.

They prefer direct, balanced, and logical communication, where the other party is open to listening and engaging in dialogue. They need to be allowed the space to share their ideas and suggestions, especially in meetings, but without drawing the focus away from the meeting’s purpose.

Feedback is best shared in an encouraging and respectful manner and workplace conflicts are best solved through the logical and clear expression of your perspective while keeping your mind open to theirs.

Be prepared—if you’ve woken the beast, you’re not going to be able to walk away without reaching an agreement, however long that takes!

Enneagram 8w7 Careers

8w7s thrive when pursuing new opportunities. They love holding power in the workplace and are extremely action-oriented, with big dreams and plenty of goals—and we haven’t yet met an 8w7 that wasn’t dedicated enough to pull these off.

Their ideal workspace is one that lets them dream while giving them decision-making authority.

Enneagram 8w7s tend to perform well in the following fields:

  • Politics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial advise
  • Law
  • Sales direction
  • Cinematic/art direction
  • Performance
  • Aviation (as pilots)

8w7 Enneagram Characters

If you’re an Enneagram 8w7, you’re in some excellent celebrity company! Here are some prominent 8w7 Enneagram characters:

  • Gordon Ramsay
  • Steve Jobs
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Joan Crawford
  • Franklin D Roosevelt

Former president of the United States Donald Trump and Russian politician Mikhail Gorbachev are also 8w7 characters.

Understanding your Enneagram type can pave the way for better growth and understanding. Hopefully, this article has given you enough to understand well the 8w7s in your life, including yourself!

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