Your Favorite Enneagram Fictional Characters!

Turns out, the Enneagram isn’t just applicable to real-life humans—some of our favorite fictional characters are also such obvious Enneagram types.

From Harry Potter to anime, you’d be surprised at the number of type 1s and 9s that keep popping up if you’re familiar with the Enneagram system! And yes, Voldemort’s crazy now starts making sense (type 8s, we’re looking at you).

Here’s a list of the most popular fictional characters and their Enneagram types.

Enneagram Disney Characters

Here are the most popular Disney characters’ Enneagrams classified by type:

  • Type One: Driven, pragmatic guides who are always up to do the right thing instead of the easy thing, some of the most popular characters in this type include Rabbit (who is a stressed, critical, judgmental, unhealthy one, by the way), Mary Poppins, Jiminy Cricket, Mufasa, and Elsa.
  • Type Two: Kanga, Snow White, Cinderella, and Anna of Arandelle are the selfless, generous, empathetic twos who always put others before themselves (even if said others are absolute snakes and you just want to rattle some sense into each of these characters).
  • Type Three: Tiana, Lightning McQueen, Mr. Incredible, Lady Tremaine, and even Gaston are type threes who are hard-working and ambitious (yes, even Gaston, though we might hate to admit that). This type hates being a “nobody” and thrives in the spotlight, where they’re obsessed with how they appear.
  • Type Four: Introspective, blessed with a wild imagination, and forever on a search for their true selves and purpose, type fours seek a fulfilling life, just as Sadness, Eeyore, and Belle do.
  • Type Five: Like Alice Kingsleigh and Jane Porter, type fives are curious, perceptive, and analytical, with a penchant for learning and making sense of the world around them while not conforming to the status quo (despite their fondness for material pursuits).
  • Type Six: Sebastian, Piglet, and Mulan embody type six personalities—fiercely loyal, fiercely protective, and fiercely fearless. However, each character also struggles with their doubts, insecurities, and anxieties, which are also characteristic of sixes.
  • Type Seven: Clever and fun-loving, type sevens are romantic adventurers, though their impulsivity does them more harm than good until Disney’s writers magically swoop in to save the day (because Disney)—reality would be a whole other struggle for Prince Naveen and Ariel.

    Other type-seven favorites include Peter Pan, Aladdin, Genie, Joy, Tigger, and Dory.
  • Type Eight: Energetic and self-confident (even in beast form), with a burning need for independence and an equally burning temper, type eights seek control over their own lives and hate being told what to do, which means most of our feisty, feminist princesses like Jasmine and Merida (“I am not a prize to be won” will always and forever be one of our favorite Disney moments).

    Other eights include Tinkerbell, Lilo, and Beast.
  • Type Nine: Winnie the Pooh, Pocahontas, Baloo, Mater, Rafiki, and Princess Aurora are all type nines—open-minded, caring “Keepers of the Peace” who always see the beauty in life, but they can get fierce and protective when they need to.

Enneagram Fictional Characters

While there’s a nearly infinite number of fictional characters and each of them is sure to belong to an Enneagram type, here are our favorites:

  • The Advocate (Type One): The beloved and frustration-inducing heroine of “Pride and Prejudice”, Elizabeth Bennet is a typical type one, with strong principles, high standards (though this sometimes means foolishly thinking that you can do better than Darcy), and quick wit. Other favorites include Steve Rogers (Captain America), Tadashi Hamada (Big Hero 6), and GoT’s Ned Stark.
  • The Wingman (Type Two): LOTR’s Samwise Gamgee is selfless, caring, nurturing, and generous, like all twos. Where would Frodo have been without him?

    Other fictional type twos include Peeta Mellark (Hunger Games), Emma Woodhouse (Emma), and Pam Beesly (The Office).
  • The Pioneer (Type Three): Mad Men dreamboat Don Draper is driven with both eyes always on the prize, just like Margaery Tyrell, Leslie Knope, Rachel Berry, and Amy March.
  • Flying Solo (Type Four): To be fair, that’s exactly what Dorian Gray did, even though it kinda blew up in his face. This type loves being surrounded by beauty and is drawn to artistic pursuits, like Rapunzel, Anne Shirley, and April Ludgate.
  • The Scholar (Type Five): This investigative, inquisitive, and exceptionally smart type wouldn’t be complete with Lisbeth Salander, Dr. Gregory House, Fox Mulder, and Sherlock Holmes.
  • The Dependable (Type Six): Dwight Schrute, Ben Wyatt, Hamlet, and Dre Johnson are the fierce loyalists of this personality type.
  • The Aficionado (Type Seven): This enthusiastic, fun-loving, and hedonistic type includes Mindy Lahiri, Eleanor Shellstrop, Eddie Winslow, Moana, and Detective Jake Peralta. Noice and toit.
  • The Rival (Type Eight): Katniss Everdeen, Esmeralda, Rhett Buttler, and Emily Gilmore are confident, assertive eights.
  • The Keeper of Peace (Type Nine): Bruce Banner, Luke Skywalker, and Dorothy Gale are calm, in-harmony-with-the-universe nines.

Enneagram Harry Potter Characters

The Enneagrams of Harry Potter characters:

  • Type One: Smart, orderly, and organized, Minerva McGonagall and Hermione Granger are type ones in the Harry Potter universe.
  • Type Two: Hagrid and the caring Molly Weasley who kills Bellatrix Lestrange in an iconic display of protective instinct are the quintessential type twos.
  • Type Three: Fleur Delacour and Oliver Wood are our pioneers, as captains of their respective teams.
  • Type Four: One of the hardest to place because of his character’s constant evolution, Severus Snape turns out to be a type four.
  • Type Five: Albus Dumbledore and Rowena Ravenclaw are both type fives.
  • Type Six: Ron Weasley and Harry Potter are also quite hard to place because of the mixed personalities they display throughout the books. So while Harry can be an eight and Ron a seven, too, we see them as loyal sixes who will go to any lengths to defend what they love.
  • Type Seven: Fred and George Weasley—quite an obvious choice for this fun-loving type!
  • Type Eight: Godric Gryffindor is a confident, assertive leader, but you’ve got to admit it—so is Lord Voldemort.
  • Type Nine: Remus Lupin and Luna Lovegood are our type nines.

Scrubs Characters Enneagram Types

Here are the Enneagram types of some of our favorites from “Scrubs”:

  • JD is a type four wing five
  • Janitor is a type six wing seven
  • Kelso is a type eight wing seven
  • Carla is a type two wing three
  • Elliot is a type three wing four
  • The Todd is a type nine wing eight
  • Turk is a type eight wing nine
  • Dr. Cox is a type five wing six

Enneagram Anime Characters

Some popular anime characters and their Enneagram types:

  • Type One: Tenya Iida from “My Hero Academia”
  • Type Two: Tanjiro Kamado from “Demon Slayer”
  • Type Three: Naruto Uzumaki from “Naruto”
  • Type Four: Mei Misaki from “Another”
  • Type Five: L Lawliet from “Death Note”
  • Type Six: Izuki Midoriya from “My Hero Academia”
  • Type Seven: Dororo from “Dororo”
  • Type Eight: Katsuki Bakugou from “My Hero Academia”
  • Type Nine: Alphonse Elric from “Fullmetal Alchemist”

The Final Word

Fiction often imitates reality, and apparently, Enneagrams, too! Since Enneagrams types are highly subjective and self-identified, it can be hard to classify certain characters. As mentioned, Harry could just as easily be an eight, but we’re choosing to see him as a six. It’s all about perception!

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