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The Enneagram type 2 personality is referred to as the Wingman. As this name suggests, Enneagrams with this kind of personality type enjoy providing help, aid and support to others.

This also ends up resulting in a similar pathway and pattern for them in various aspects of their lives, which can either be good or bad depending on the expression of one’s traits.

If you find that you are a type 2 Enneagram, you might naturally be curious to learn more about yourself. Here’s a detailed post to help you know yourself better.

Type 2 Enneagram Description

If you are a type 2 on the Enneagram, you are likely to be generous, supportive, friendly, helpful and incredibly approachable. You enjoy giving out your support using the emotional, financial, academic or other forms of tools and knowledge that you are equipped with.

Such personalities are kind and empathetic too, so if this sounds like you, you might be able to relate to your natural impulse to lend a helping hand. It is quite possible that you have a bunch of people always seeking out your support and your general aura of being a soothing and reliable presence.

People need some kindness, tenderness and consideration in their lives and you are there to provide these to them. This usually results in plenty of satisfaction for you since you can sleep well knowing you were helpful to someone in your life.

You have strong emotional intelligence and are usually able to recognize what people need and in what way. For instance, you can easily pinpoint someone’s love language due to your intuitive strength, following which you tend to go ahead and speak to that person’s heart by providing love in the way they want it.

This also comes with a need to feel understood, appreciated and loved to ensure that you have a healthy and mutual relationship. Unfortunately, when this does not happen, you might feel drained out and unloved, making it important for you to communicate your needs better while also drawing your boundaries.

Here is an even more in depth description of the enneagram type 2 from Fr. Richard Rohr:

Enneagram 2 in Stress

When a type 2 experiences a stressful situation, some of their hidden and more negative traits are likely to come out. It is possible that this is the only response you have learned and internalized, so all you need to do here is recognize what stresses you out and what your first instinct tells you to do or say.

Under stress, you are likely to become anxious, nervous, aggressive, manipulative and suspicious. You might not be able to discern the intentions behind others’ behavior and actions, leading you to assume the worst. This might also result in attempts on your part to hurt others through your words.

An impending breakdown might also occur at this point, especially when things do not seem to be working out for you at all.

This kind of situation can occur in various contexts, some of which might include the following.

  • Feeling underappreciated
  • Being constantly asked for support
  • Dealing with too many people at once
  • Feeling overly connected to someone’s issue
  • Not having time for your own desires and needs
  • Undergoing criticism or nonacceptance

Learning how to hit the brakes on dealing with others’ problems can help you out here. Focus on reframing your mindset and learning how to manage your stress and communicate your thoughts properly. This way, the next time you feel stress incoming, you can take measures to prevent it entirely.

Enneagram 2 Careers

Given that altruism is a major element of your personality, you are likely to embark on careers that help you carry this out. A strong sense of support and appreciation is also something you might want from your career to truly feel fulfilled.

Some careers you might do well in or are commonly seen here include doctors, nurses, public servants, customer service providers, non-profit associates, counselors, veterinarians, philanthropists, teachers, human resources managers and many others.

Knowing that you can make a difference to people you work with will help keep you energized and motivated. However, watch out for those who take advantage of your kindness or keep criticizing your work. Rude and underappreciative coworkers might also bring you down at times.

It is also important for you to not make your career the center of your entire life. Take healthy breaks from it to relax and develop personal relationships and interests as well.

Enneagram 2 Relationships

Type 2s are those that love being there for someone close to them. Whether this involves a romantic partner, a friend or a family member, type 2s are probably the ones that play the role of the supportive and giving person.

Being nurturing and caring for the people around is bound to make you happy and content, especially since your partners will appreciate the wordless support you provide to them. In hard times, in particular, they are likely to seek you out.

Since you possess such emotional intelligence and intuition, you might know exactly what to do to help someone out or express your love. However, there might come a point when you take things too far and thrust your support and presence on them when they might not actually want or need it.

It is vital for you to be attuned to what others need from you by simply asking them what you can do and being there to hold their hand or listen to them.

At the same time, make sure you seek people who genuinely respect you and do not take advantage of the fact that you keep giving. It is not selfish for you to need support in return, so go ahead and ask for it with your whole being! Express how you feel and unload your feelings by talking to others too.

Enneagram 2 Subtypes

There are three main subtypes that a type 2 Enneagram might display. These include the following.

  • Self-Preservation (Privilege): These type 2s look for self-preservation through coyness and shyness. Nevertheless, they present themselves in a way that arouses a sense of protection in others and tend to expect this privilege from everyone they come across.

In another sense, they also look for privilege in the form of indulgence and distraction.

  • One-on-One (Seduction): When it comes to one-on-one or interpersonal relationships, this subtype tends to result in a passionate and strong response from type 2s. They use their charm to create attraction, sometimes even acting manipulatively.
  • Social (Ambition and Influence): Being in control and using their sense of generosity to encourage a larger group to form under their wing is something that this subtype features. These types of 2s are usually quite cunning and charming.

Unhealthy 2 Enneagram Traits

In the worst-case scenario or in undeveloped type 2 Enneagrams, certain unhealthy traits might stem forth, resulting in manipulation, toxicity and a sense of control and possession. Here are some situations that may arise in this case.

  • A need to act as a savior or martyr might develop, resulting in constant attempts to serve their own sense of importance and generosity.
  • Incessant reminders to others about the ways in which type 2s have helped them can take place. This is often done to impose a sense of guilt on others, resulting in manipulation and getting them to act how the type 2 wants them to. Victimization can also occur in this case.
  • A type 2 might want to have control over the person or relationship and might deliberately act in ways to maintain their superiority or just to ensure that someone sticks around. This might lead to codependence.
  • A sense of entitlement might develop as a result of the help they once provided, causing them to act in mean and almost dictatorial ways.

Enneagram 2 Wings

There are two main wings of type 2s—two wing one (2w1) or two wing three (2w3). You can have either of the two wings in your Enneagram personality. Here’s what you need to know about them.

  • 2w1: These people are often calm, quiet, withdrawn, disciplined and reserved. If you have this wing, you are likely to hold yourself and others to high standards while also being more willing to serve others. You might also sometimes find it tough to accept judgment or criticism.
  • 2w3: Type 2s with this wing are more outward than the aforementioned wing. You are likely to be more social and extraverted, enjoying the presence and appreciation of others. You are more likely to play the host and communicate charmingly and directly with others.

Enneagram 2 Fear

Some of the main fears of this type include being unworthy of the love and respect of others. A constant need to please others and keep giving them love and support usually stems from this fear of losing them. Rejection and feeling afraid of being selfish and asking for too much might also result in overcompensation.

Remember that you still possess worth and value simply by virtue of existing. Expect the same respect that you give others and avoid over-providing.

Enneagram 2 Celebrities

Some celebrities who share the type 2 Enneagram with you include:

  • Dolly Parton
  • Richard Simmons
  • Eleanore Roosevelt
  • Nancy Reagan
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Mother Teresa
  • Jessica Alba
  • Lionel Richie
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Lewis Carrol

Enneagram 2 Memes

Well, that was a lot to take in, wasn’t it? To help you process your feelings and thoughts better and make you laugh, here are some memes you should check out. These will also help assure you that there are many more fellow type 2s out there willing to love and waiting to be thanked.

For the ones dying to be liked

The Bottom Line

As a type 2 Enneagram, you are a beautiful combination of generosity, love and kindness who finds true happiness in providing support and being seen and loved for it. A healthy and reciprocal relationship is important for you, so make sure you are aware of your boundaries, limits and needs.

If you find yourself exhibiting stress, fear or some unhealthy traits, remember to take a step back, take a deep breath and learn how to say no. Finding rejuvenation and relief will help you get back on track. You’ve got this!

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