What Enneagram Celebrities Are and Why

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Those of us that are fascinated with the different enneagrams types have surely wondered about the enneagrams of famous celebrities. We picked a few we thought you’d be interested in. Take a look.

Jesus Christ: Enneagram Type 1

Don’t be surprised to see our list of enneagram celebrities starts with the Lord and Savior (if that’s your thing). Enneagrams are about a person’s personality. So, it shouldn’t come as a shock that Jesus Christ is a type 1.

People in this category are known to be hard workers. They constantly want to be better and also want to help others be better.

Type 1s also have intense thoughts and feelings about right and wrong and they tend to be drawn to doing the right thing. That’s another great point if you are Jesus. These individuals (or sons of god) tend to be well organized, disciplined and ethical.

From all the stories we’ve heard, Jesus is definitely enneagram type 1.

Maya Angelou: Enneagram Type 2

Type 2s are said to have a warm personality and use it to make friends. So far, Maya Angelou certainly fits the description. They put the needs and best interests of others before their own. We know the poet to be empathetic, so this isn’t a big reveal.

Type 2s also define their own worth based on how useful and helpful they are to others which is why they are often described as loyal and caring. One could suppose that this is what made Angelou an impactful civil rights activist.

Individuals in this category also feel a strong need to express themselves. In the case of Maya Angelou, it not only brought her accolades but also helped many others find their own voice. Isn’t that quite something?

Oprah & Hitler: Enneagram Type 3

It’s a strange combination of personalities, we know. In the world of enneagram types, type 3s are interesting. That doesn’t always translate into being right, but it is something.

Unsurprisingly, type 3s work hard and want to be the best at whatever they do. Although Hitler was an evil man, he did work hard even if it was to drive an entire population into oblivion.

They also have big goals which is also true about Hitler and, with all due respect, Oprah as well. These individuals are competitive, focused and ambitious. And if luck doesn’t play a big part in your life, those are also the qualities one needs to succeed.

You can’t say either of these ‘celebrities’ skimped out when it comes to putting in the effort needed to reach their goals. But type 3s are also diplomatic and that’s hard to say, at least for Hitler.

Taylor Swift: Enneagram Type 4

This is an interesting one simply because, at this point, Taylor Swift is more a phenomenon than a person. Swifties around the world will be happy to know that she’s a type four and people in this category are often described as creative and articulate.

Swift is one of those singer-songwriters who constantly gets praise for her ability to write mesmerizing lyrics. Type 4s are known to have a wild imagination, whether it is in work, hobbies or emotions. You can’t say that’s not true for Swift.

Type 4s are also said to strive towards uniqueness and it’s hard to argue against that with Taylor because, how many female artists do you know to have gone into a battle with a record label? That’s also why a lot of people find her inspiring and type 4s are known to do that to the people who look up to them.

Elon Musk: Enneagram Type 5

A lot of people are interested in the kind of guy Elon Musk is, especially after he bought Twitter and started making big changes. He’s a type 5, a group that is often described to have people who are learners, inventors and thinkers.

That’s not entirely untrue, but in Elon’s case, one doesn’t know how much time he spends alone thinking, something that’s also true for type 5s. This group of people is also said to be intellectual and that’s another questionable area when it comes specifically to Musk.

But what makes more sense is that type 5s have unique interests. He’s the guy who privatized space and if that’s not unique, what is! These individuals are known to read extensively till they master their areas of interest. He does seem to be reading an awful lot of tweets these days.

Type 5s are said to be curious and insightful. When it comes to Elon Musk, one can only hope.

Vladimir Putin: Enneagram Type 6

Here’s another interesting one. Putin is said to be a type 6 and this is why it makes sense. They are said to like connecting with others so that they can analyze the information they get and make a move accordingly. Sound about right for a world leader who is always busy plotting his next annexation.

They also like intellectual connections so that they can have a sense of control. Not surprising either for a dictator. Type 6s are known to be able to see problems but the problem with Putin seems to be that his reactions to these problems are extreme.

Type 6s are also said to be very defensive and to be searching for threats so that they can ensure their own security. Right on the money! Type 6s have some good traits as well, but Putin is often described as an unhealthy type 6.

Robin Williams: Enneagram Type 7

Type 7s are optimistic people who always look for silver linings. The comedic genius of Robin Williams does attest to some of that. They try to do their best even when the going gets tough. We learned after his death that Williams struggled a great deal and triumphed till he couldn’t anymore.

Type 7s are also known to make a lot of friends because of their optimistic outlook. They are also known to be spontaneous and generous, which we have seen Robin Williams demonstrate many times over the years.

Martin Luther King Jr: Enneagram Type 8

Type 8s are born leaders, which is the perfect introduction for Martin Luther King Jr. They have innovative ideas and they have a tendency to fight the establishment. We don’t even need to elaborate on this.

These individuals are also protective of their people. And that’s a historical fact about MLK Jr. They are also straightforward and confident. If you haven’t already, look for one of his speeches on YouTube and you’ll see what we mean.

Queen Elizabeth II: Enneagram Type 9

We ‘accidentally’ saved the best for the last. Queen Elizabeth II was many things during her lifetime. Turns out, she’s a type 9 which is a group of people who like having a lot of friends and as a result, get stuck in conflicts. That sounds like the late monarch, doesn’t it?

Luckily for them, type 9s are good moderators. We might not have seen much of this but she was never known to be super expressive about the inner workings of her family or the monarchy.

Type 9s don’t like it when people argue, but they are empathetic and cooperative.

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