Enneagram 2 and 8 Relationship and Compatibility

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There are lots of things that are common between type 2, The Wingman and type 8, The Rival. Both these types have a yin-yang equation which makes it look like a good pairing. But how true is it really? If you believe in enneagrams, here’s what an enneagram 2 and 8 relationship can look like.

Type 2 with Type 8: Where It Works

At first look, you will feel like type 2 and 8 are quite alike. They are both driven and want to take action that has an impact on their immediate surroundings. They also feel intensely and can be sentimental.

Both types are good are taking care of others and protecting them while neglecting themselves. They also overwork themselves trying to be the strong ones in the relationship. The difference is that type 2s like to be the puppet masters while type 8s like to be on the throne.

They are passionate individuals with great social skills and generosity to match those skills. Both of them have a strong will to execute their plan, which is good when they have the same plan. Both type 2s and 8s like responsibilities that they’ve chosen.

Type 8s are practical in their approach and want results while type 2s are altruistic and people oriented. These are interesting qualities that can make a relationship work because they can be what their partner wants them to be in their own unique way.

Type 2s are grateful for the effort type 8s put in and the sacrifices they make. Type 8s, in return, greatly enjoy the affection that’s coming their way. Both these types are very good at supporting their partner and noticing their better qualities which is always good in a relationship.

They have a clear demarcation of roles which is how they make sure no one steps on the other’s toes. Both categories like to take different areas of interest so that they accomplish their shared goals without conflict.

These are great qualities to have in any relationship because they play to each other’s strengths. These traits are also the ones that can lead to a successful enneagram 2 and 8 relationship.

Type 2 with Type 8: Where There’s Conflict

But when we are talking in such broad terms, it’s also important to recognize the conflict areas. A couple’s ability to deal with conflict tells us about their compatibility. When it comes to enneagram 2 and 8 compatibility, here’s what the picture looks like.

Type 2s and 8s conduct themselves differently in their approach. That’s why they should not clash. Type 2s focus more on people, while type 8s are more practical. This is just one of the differences in their interpersonal relationships.

Type 2s are indirect but show a lot of empathy and see things from the other person’s point of view, which might be why they can get attached to others. Type 8s, on the other hand, are not too sentimental and believe that everyone should take care of themselves.

Type 8s are direct, detached and quite proud of it, while type 2s can get easily attached to others and their needs. This is why both these groups view relationships differently. You could even say they have opposing views.

Type 2s are possessive and tend to make sacrifices, while type 8s can be confrontational. Both of them have a strong will with each other and can clash over whose philosophy to follow. But in the end, type 2s might become codependent instead of losing the relationship altogether.

Type 2s can also be an apologist for their type 8 partner and enable them instead of correcting them. So, it’s not easy for these two to break up compared to other couples but they will also struggle to keep the relationship healthy.


In the end, what you think would happen is what happens. Type 8s find their type 2 partners manipulative and type 2s find their type 8 partners cruel. This could end very badly if one perceives betrayal and plots revenge which is not out of the realm of possibilities.

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