Enneagram 8 and 9 Relationship & Compatibility

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Type 8s are called The Rivals. The individuals are said to be assertive, confident and powerful in the way they behave. They are said to love to get into debates and have the ability to make tough decisions. They also value their independence fiercely and hate depending on other people.

Those aren’t bad qualities at all, right? Can the enneagram 8 and 9 relationship thrive?

Type 9s, on the other hand, are generally referred to as the Keepers of the Peace. Close. True to their name, these individuals are said to be optimistic, accepting and can adapt. They are also said to do their best to stay away from conflict and have a good time when they’re with a small group of people.

What’s it like when these two personality types come together?

Enneagram 8 and 9 Relationship

Type 8s are leaders. They believe they can do things and hence are said to be compelled to take charge. Since they hate depending on others, it shouldn’t surprise you that they like others to depend on them instead.

They are often called forces of nature, not the Sandra Bullock-Ben Affleck movie that most people haven’t heard of.

Now, type 9s are drawn to these qualities since they are said to enjoy living vicariously through positive traits that other people show. And type 8s are said to enjoy it when they can impress others with their brashness and leadership qualities.

Type 9s are said to have the stability and calm that type 8s benefit from. Type 8s like that they can be proud of who they are, which is how type 9s make them feel. And type 8s also like to let people take charge, which is exactly what type 9s do.

The thing to remember is that type 8s are all about overcoming adversity. They are often described as survivors who leave an impact. And type 9s are a sanctuary for type 8s because they encourage the latter to relax, which is soothing to type 8s.

This couple is like a combination of active energy that lands on receptive energy. It’s the fire-water conundrum that seems to fit well. One of them has a parental vibe, and the other likes to accommodate those feelings.

Both these types are said to have a strong drive and willpower. They are also said to like things to be simple and comfortable, away from the rest of the world. They are said to have talents that complement each other, and that’s a winning combination.

Enneagram 8 and 9 Compatibility

Type 8s like to have control, and type 9s are more about maintaining peace. So, it’s important that type 8s put effort into communicating patiently with their type 9 partners. In response, it’s good for type 9s to be straightforward and transparent.

Type 9s also have trouble dealing with their own issues, which is why type 8s need to be patient when things get rocky. If type 9s are clear, both of them can resolve conflicts amicably.

Here’s a good thing. Type 8s are said to be able to trust type 9s with ease. So, the dialogue can be constructive if both parties are open and honest. Type 9s should resist the urge to agree with everything type 8s do. Being supportive is good, but don’t be enablers.

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