4w5 Enneagram 4 Wing 5 Explained

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If you’re looking to know more about the 4 Wing 5 Enneagram, we’re going to tell you a bit about the personality traits of Enneagram type 4 wing 5 individuals.

You might have seen others call it The Free Spirit, but we call this type the “Misunderstood Genius”.

Enneagram 4w5 Description

This group of people, if you can club them into one, have strong traits from both type 4s and type 5s. They are creative minds who value introspection and are perceptive. If you think about it, those are qualities we’d all like to have, wouldn’t we?

Their drive for introspection, not that you need one, comes from the fact that they are curious to learn about their own self but also the world at large. They don’t care so much about a public facade like the other 4s (meaning other wings in type 4). And you’ve got to admit, that’s a great trait.

But human beings are never that simple, are we? Individuals in the 4w5 Enneagram category tend to worry about making no impact because they love admiration and want to be recognized. Not having a strong effect on the world bothers them even though they are introverted.

But their introverted quality actually helps them retreat from time and time and introspect. Enneagram 4 wing 5 types are also said to either find themselves or absorb qualities from the people they love.

Enneagram 4 wing 5 Careers

Since these individuals like to go back into their shells to think deeply, it shouldn’t surprise you that they love to read. They are all about self-expression because they are creative. And because they read and think and have creativity, they thrive when they can share those thoughts.

Typically, Enneagram 4 w 5 individuals are said to become librarians, actors, musicians, writers, and graphic designers, to name a few professions.

Enneagram 4 w 5 Relationships

4w5 individuals spend a good deal of their time working on their relationships. It’s a joy to have a conversation with them and they are great listeners as well. When they care about someone, they will commit themselves, especially when the other person is opening up.

4w5 Enneagram Characters

If you are a 4w5 person and you’re looking to see which celebrities are your type and wing, here’s an interesting list. Harry Potter’s JK Rowling is a 4w5 which should make aspiring writers feel good. If music is more your thing then Mitski is on this list as well.

If you were trying to find some all-time-hit heroes then Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain is a 4w5 as well. Speaking of greats, artists will punch their fists into the air to know that they’re in the company of Vincent van Gogh.

Those here just for fun might enjoy knowing that Wanda Maximoff aka the Scarlet Witch is a 4w5 as is How I Met Your Mother’s, Ted Mosby. Is that last one even good news? We leave it up to you.

Enneagram 4w5 vs 5w4

Enneagram 5w4
Enneagram 5w4

If you want to know how 4w5s are different from 5w4s, here are a couple of things. We’ve named the group 5w4 The Mad Scientist. The first difference is that 5w4s are big fans of logic, even if they get emotional at times. 5w4s are also more objective rather than emotional, especially when their luck is down.

4w5s tend to have a more emotional reaction to circumstances. They like to feel and make decisions based on those feelings. They can be ruthless from time to time, but emotions are a priority.

Type 5s are also big on fears, while type 4s are more about shame. 5w4s tend to draw on their fear when they have to make a decision because they don’t want fear to become their reality.

4w5s, on the other hand, do their best not to be embarrassed. It’s a big deal for them and it pushes them to withdraw from the world.

Enneagram 4w5 vs 4w3

While we call 4w5s Misunderstood Geniuses, we call 4w3s the Rebel Rockstar. They are the other wing in type 4 and here’s how they are both different.

People in both these wings apparently want recognition, but 4w5s are uncomfortable sharing or venting. They also don’t like to be in the spotlight but want their intelligence to be noticed.

4w3s are the exact opposite. They don’t have a problem discussing their problems. They also love the spotlight and want to be considered unique.

Dr. LaHue explains more in this video:

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